Carnac - Circuit de Cloucarnac

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Place de l'Église
56340 Carnac
Duration : 1 hourDistance : 5kmDifficulty level: Easy Yellow markup n°3 - All year round This short hike allows you to discover the old villages of the town and their historical heritage. Departure: At the start of this hike, visit the Saint-Cornély church. Built in the 17th century, this building is one of the most beautiful religious monuments of the Renaissance style in Morbihan. Dedicated to Saint Cornely, protector of horned animals, the church has a granite canopy overhanging the unique north porch in Brittany.Step by step : 1) Go down the lane, leaving the church on the right and take Rue de Colary on the left. Leaving the town, walk along cultivated fields and meadows to reach the Croix de Kergouellec, a carved granite cross dated 1854.2) Then direction Beaumer, passing in front of the Kergouellec pond. At the heart of this very old village is a dolmen.This tomb, called "Er Mané", dates from the Neolithic period (between 7,000 and 4,500 years before today). It has been classified as a Historic Monument since 1929. The cover slab is decorated with small circular cavities called “cupules”.3) Follow the direction of Kerfraval and Montauban to finally take the old Roman road which leads to Cloucarnac. This old village has been modified over the years by the construction of contemporary houses or the restoration of old farms. Return to the tourist office by the path taken on the outward journey.

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Office de tourisme de la Baie de Quiberon
14 rue de Verdun
56170 Quiberon
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Negative elevation (descent): 10 m
Positive elevation (ascent): 10 m

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Office de tourisme de la Baie de Quiberon