Saint-Philibert - Landes et dolmens

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8 Rue Des Ormes
56470 Saint-Philibert
Duration : 2h15 Distance : 8 km Difficulty level: Easy Yellow markings (black tablets) - All year long This circuit allows to walk among the trails of Saint-Philibert to discover the megaliths of the town but also the coastline, and enjoy a nice panorama. Departure: From the town hall, go left rue des Ormes then immediately left Rue Abbé Martin. Rue des Presses, go right and then immediately take the path to the right. At the end of the road, turn left onto the road leading to the subdivision and then take the path to the bike path. Take a right. Pass by the Dolmen Mané Canaplaye, tomb dating from the Neolithic (between 7000 and 4500 years before today). Only the funerary chamber and some pillars of its corridor are visible today. Continue on the bike path to the hamlet of Kerroch. 1 At the crossroads take the path on the left.Cross the departmental road (attention, strong traffic) and continue by the path to the hamlet of Kérambel. At the end of the path turn left onto the road. Continue the path straight ahead, passing by the Petit Kerambel Dolmen (Mané Han) which is also a Neolithic tomb. It consists of a corridor leading to a burial chamber and was formerly included in a partially preserved burial mound. The tomb was restored in 1927 by Zacharie Le Rouzic. Continue the trail to Konyhennec. At the road, turn right to join the Quehan road. 2 Take the road on the left, following the road. Pass in front of the oyster-farming sites of the Crac'h river to reach the Quéhan roundabout. Cross it to join the street of the Ocean. Then take the dead end Yvon Daniel. Continue on the left to join the coastal path. 3 Follow the coastal path, the bypass of a property is necessary.At the alley of Vieilles Presses, continue straight, cross the street of the ocean and enter the rue des Presses. After 150 m turn right onto the landscaped path. Continue on the right to reach the Prado Street. Cross it, continue on the path opposite to join the tennis courts, bypass them as well as the sports fields. At the rue du Stade, immediately take a path on the left which runs between the houses until Gulls Lane. Cross it to continue the path in front. 4 Take the road on the left for a few meters then turn right on the path around the housing estate. Join the rue des Presses. Take it to the right then, immediately on the left, take rue Joseph Martin to reach the place of the Three Hostages by the street of Ormes.

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Negative elevation (descent): 10 m
Positive elevation (ascent): 10 m

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