Erdeven - Circuit VTT - À la découverte du patrimoine

Mountain bikeAverage24.3 km2 h 35 minLoop
15 Rue Du Grand Large
56410 Erdeven
Duration : 1 hourDistance : 14 kmDifficulty level : Medium (average height difference: 80m) Course n ° 6 green From the park of the castle of Keravéon to the megalithic site of Varquez. Departure: This circuit starts from the parking lot of the Grand Large sports complex, located rue du Grand Large in Erdeven. Step by step : 1) Follow the signs leaving the village of Erdeven and reach the park and the castle of Keravéon. The park has a botanical trail which records more than 50 listed tree species. The castle is an imposing stately homeprotected by a triple enclosure: that of the courtyard of the house, that of the outbuildings and that of the enclosure with a majestic entrance door to the south. Its creation dates back to the 14th century when the estate was erected into a seigneury by the Talhouët family.(owner until 1761).2) Then cross the forest of Erdeven to the wood and the pond of Varquez. Observe some of the monuments making up the megalithic complex stretching from Kerzerho to Varquez: the Dolmens de Mané Braz ("the big hill" in Breton), sitegrouping together 4 different passage tombs (single chamber, side cell chamber and compartmentalized chamber) and certainly erected at different Neolithic periods, the most recent being that with a compartmentalized chamber (-3500 BC), the Dolmen of Mané Croh, passage tomb with compartmentalized chamber formerly enclosed in a tumulus which has now almost completely disappeared, or the Alignements de Coët er Blei (or “Chair of César”). Please note, these megalithic sites are only accessible to pedestrians. 3) Reach the village and the Dolmen of Crucuno, one of the most imposing in Morbihan, stripped of its tumulus and its access corridor formerly described by W. Lukis (1864) as measuring 27 m in length and still visible on engravings from the beginning of the 19th century.Today, only the burial chamber remains under an imposing cover slab weighing more than 30 tons. It is located near the Quadrilateral of Crucuno, a megalithic enclosure composed today of 22 menhirs, two of which are lying. Historical monument since 1889, it was restored by Felix Gaillard during the same period. The latter erected and arranged the menhirs, then lying down, in order to orient them on the cardinal points and to make the diagonals correspond to the sunrises and sunsets at the solstices. Take the direction of Plouharnel and pass in front of the Saint-Antoine chapel (18th century). The side statues are those of Saint Anthony and Saint Eloi, invoked to protect cattle and horses. 4) The return is via the V5 and the paths of Erdeven.

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Office de tourisme de la Baie de Quiberon
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56170 Quiberon
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Negative elevation (descent): 10 m
Positive elevation (ascent): 10 m

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50% shared roads
49% cycle paths
15% cycle routes
11% greenways

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2.64 km on asphalt or tarred road
7.88 km on unknown surface in the Open Street Map database
1.76 km on rolling path (compacted sand, gravel, cobblestones)
12.0 km on trail and off-road track

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