Belz - Circuit cyclo - La boucle de Belz

By bikeEasy16.9 km1 h 25 minLoop
60 Rue des Sports
56550 Belz
Duration : 1h30 Distance: 16 km Difficulty level: Easy Red markup Wet parts in winter This loop allows to discover the richness of the rural landscape of the town: undergrowth, heaths, megaliths and religious heritage. Departure: From the parking of the stadium, turn right on the sports street then take the small road on the right bypassing the grounds. 1 Continue left rue du Stade, cross rue de Kerdonnerc'h to continue in front. 2 After the dump, take the path on the left which leads to the Pussic. Continue until the departmental, cross it. Take the Ninezur road opposite. After 500 m, take the grassy path on the right. 3 At the Mané Guegan road, turn right towards Trépointel. Take the road on the right until the next crossing. At the intersection, take the road on the left towards Kernours. 4 Arrived at the crows, take the path to the right to the village of Kervoine. Cross the hamlet and continue the road towards the departmental road that leads to Locoal-Mendon. Cross the road and take the path to Kerorel. At the end of the road, cross the D22 (attention to traffic). 5 Turn left on the departmental for 50 m then take the path leading to the road to Kerclément. 100 m, chapel and fountain below. Retrace your steps and take the road on the left des Pins then right on the impasse Ty Glass to take the path that goes to Crubelz. 6 Take rue Brizeux then cross Er Braden street to continue in front. In the bend, take the path that joins Kerdonnerc'h. Follow the signs to the Boucle du Ouerc'h trail. 7 At the end of the impasse du Pignono, take the path that then turns left to reach the departmental. Cross it (pay attention to traffic), take the path opposite and then left after 20 m. Continue the path until you reach the Pont du Sach. 8 Cross the Etel road and then take rue du Bignac in front. At the windmill, take the path to the right, then to the crow's foot continue on the right by the path that passes through woods and moors. 9 Near the houses with thatched roofs, take the path immediately right which leads to Kerdruelland to the departmental. Cross it (pay attention to traffic) to take the small path opposite. Continue along the hollow path to Dolmen de Kerlutu. The latter was restored in 1935 by Zacharie le Rouzic. As they lay on the ground, the pillars of the tomb were straightened and masonry was added during the restoration to maintain the pillars and the cover slab in place. After the dolmen, take the path on the right that leads behind the fire station. Take the path to the left that arrives at the sports hall. Join the Sports Street and the starting point.

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Office de tourisme de la Baie de Quiberon
14 rue de Verdun
56170 Quiberon
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Negative elevation (descent): 21 m
Positive elevation (ascent): 20 m

Route development

88% shared roads
11% cycle paths

Road surfaces

1.54 km on asphalt or tarred road
12.5 km on unknown surface in the Open Street Map database
2.81 km on trail and off-road track

Office de tourisme de la Baie de Quiberon